Caulry (@1.83) vs Milltownpass (@2.2)

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Caulry will win

Caulry – Milltownpass Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 10:30

Team, Michael Galvin, Andrew Gill, Kieran Duncan (Capt),Keelin Galvin, Conal McKiernan, John Rock, Tommy Lennon, Darragh Burke, ConnerMarlow, Niall Bannon, Niall Neary, Shane Coughlan, Martin Rock, Eoin Coughlan ,Adam Neary. Tang now trailed by a pt but Rosemountrallied to kick three important pts. Tang graduallystarted eating the lead and Tang were now enjoying a purple patch scoring 1-4with Shane Coughlan getting the goal. Tangs next match is a home game against Kinnegad on weekendof June 9th. Tangwill be disappointed with their lacklustre first half but take encouragement witha fighting second half. Tang now needed a goal but despite acouple of gallant efforts, were unable to breach the Rosemount defence andRosemount won a very entertaining match on a score line of 2-14 to 1-15. The secondhalf started nip and tuck with both sides exchanging pts.

Caulry vs. John Maguire fielded well and enabled OSullivanto add to the scoring tally on the 23rd minute. Our lads tried hard against a good opposition and were in need of agoal. Fox kicked the nextscore of the game to leave it level pegging. Milltownpass stretched their lead to three points onthe 21st minute. James Pettit defended well as our lads were guilty of some wides. MilltownpassCaulry 0-14Milltownpass2-10Caulryplayed host to Milltownpass on Tuesday evening last for their sixth game inthis years Division 2 ACFL.Caulry racedout of the tracks with a fine point from Gary Flanagan on the 2ndminute. Some trojan efforts in defencefrom Kevin Maguire and Damien Dolan enabled Fox to point for Caulry. The teamstraded scores with Alan Fitzpatrick and Ben Kenny adding to the scoring tally. However, Milltownpass respondedwell with two quick scores to leave Caulry trailing 1-6 to 0-7 at the halftimewhistle.On theresumption, a pointed-free from Conor McCormack narrowed the margins betweenthe sides. Milltownpass got off the mark on the 7th minute with a pointed-free. The opposition levelled proceedings with a point from play. Damien Dolan kicked the next two scores of the game after some goodwork from Kevin Maguire. However, Milltownpass went on a quick scoring blitz which yielded anunanswered 1-2 by the 37th minute. A superb pass from Robbie Hickey found Eoin Fox whopointed to reduce the deficit. Andy OSullivan registered Caulrys second point of the game soonafter. The oppositionattacked well and took the lead with a well-taken goal on the 11thminute. Dolan pointed on the 53rd minute to leave just four points betweenthe sides. Two late pointed-frees from McCormack chipped away at the margins.

This score seemed to awaken the Tang challengeand Rosemount led at the interval 1-6 to 0-7pts. The pitch was in perfectcondition on a sunny evening and Rosemount chose to play with the aid of astiff breeze in the first half. Tang opened the scoring but Rosemount soon tooka grip on the match and led 4pts to 1 when Rosemount were awarded a penaltywhich they duly slotted home. Tangentertained Rosemount in Tang on Friday evening.


U10 Larry Nugent TournamentOur U10 boyshad a very busy morning in the park on Saturday morning last as they playedhost to a series of teams for the annual Larry Nugent Tournament. Josepsh vs. GarrycastleWestmeath Runner-Up Final: Caulry vs. Proceedings began at 11am and after some exciting games, the finalpairings were as follows:Iarmh Final: St. A huge thanks to the parents who providedrefreshments on the day and to Rory Mullins, Luke Buckley, Stephen Connolly andOlan Healy for refereeing. Well done all! Josephs Gaa,Castledaly Gaa, Garrycastle GAA and Caulry with all clubs fielding twoteams. GarrycastleWestmeath Final: St. CaulryIarmh Runner-Up Final: Castledaly vs. Four clubstook part in the blitz includingSt. CastledalyThe teams along with the runners-up were then presented with their medals byLarry Nugent Jnr. Josephs vs. on behalf of the Nugent family.Well done to all the teams and managements involved and to everyone involved inthe organising of this tournament.

The jerseys were presented to intermediate playersEoin Fox and Sean Clinton on Friday evening last and were wore for the firsttime in our Round 3 clash of the IFC on the following Saturday evening. New JerseysMany thanksto J Egan of Egans Bar & Lounge, Mount Temple who sponsors a net set of jerseysfor our intermediate team.

Time TBC.U16 Championship at home to Killucan on Friday, August 16th. FixturesU16 Championship away to Tyrrellspass on Tuesday, August 13th. Time TBC.JFC at hometo Tubberclair on Friday, August 16th at 7pmIFC Round 5vs.

Caulry then attacked the kickout with Peter Smyth rounding offthe move with a fine score from play. Tubberclair outscored our lads 0-3 to 0-1during the remaining quarter to leave the narrowest of margins between thesides on a scoreline of 1-2 to 0-4.A converted-freefrom Peter Smyth soon after the restart doubled the deficit as our lads beganto play patches of fine football. Caulry were awarded apenalty on the 50th minute which Coughlan sent to the back of thenet. Flanagans second score ofthe game was sandwiched between two Tubberclair points. This score coming from play on the 35th minute. A few missed chances for the Tubberclair men then preceded the firstgoal of the game which came courtesy of James Egan after a fine cross over fromAnthony Allen. Some good play fromDarren Hynds and Sylvester Coughlan allowed Liam Malynn, Smyth and Allen to tagon scores and stretch the margins between the sides. Further scores from Gary Flanagan and Allenstretched our lead to four before Tubberclair opened their second half account. JFCCaulry 4-9Tubberclair0-9Our juniorsmade light work of Tubberclair in their second game of this years championshipon Friday evening last in the park.It was thevisitors who were first to get motoring as they opened with a point on the 6thminute.


The opposition thenfound their shooting boots, tapping over three points as a late score fromStuart Trainor put the minimum between the sides at the break.Despitekicking the first score of the second half after good play from TiarnanODonovan, our boys failed to push on and let the opposition back into thegame. U14 ChampionshipCaulry 2-7St. Josephs2-6Our U14 boysnotched up another win on Thursday evening last when they battled it outagainst St. St. Oisin Shortall then done well ashe kicked a free under pressure to put Caulrys noses in front. StuartTrainor then launched Caulry into the lead as he converted a penalty after sixminutes. Josephs made the most of their period of superiority as they taggedon an unanswered 2-1. Josephs in a tight affair.Some goodplay early on in the game from David Gaynor set Andrew Stuart Trainor up forthe opening score before the opposition edged in front with two points. Our defenceheld strong late in the game with Ian Malone doing well in goals to clear anyattacks from the St. Josephs struggled to convert chances as another score from theCaulry full-forward put the homeside three points the good. The Caulryboys dug deep for the closing minutes of the game with Stuart Trainor levellingthe game with his goal from a well-worked free. Stuart Trainor drew one back from a placed ball on the 51stminute. Caulry then regained initiative as a score from Brendan Kelly McCormackafter a good pass from Lee Corcoran left three between the sides. St.

Tang madethe trip to Springfield to take on County Champions Mullingar Shamrocks in theDiv1 league. Tang started well and were a pt up and then Tommy Lennon wasunlucky to see his shot came back off the crossbar after a fine movement. Mullingar Shamrocks responded well adding a pt and then were awarded a goalafter a goalmouth scramble Disaster struck again when Mullingar Shamrocksfinished a fine move to the net. However Tang dug deep and adding eight ptsbefore the break, Adam Neary was in sublime form kicking some glorious pts andAidan Burke also adding a brace and along with a range effort from Niall Neary.

Mullins booted forhis second of the game to round off the first half scoring and leave Caulrytrailing by one at the break.The sayingthat goals win matches rang true on this occasion as a blitz of Killucangoals during the second half were crucial to ending our lads campaign. U17 ChampionshipCaulry 0-9Killucan 4-7Our U17 ladsbowed out of this years championship at the quarter-final stages when theyhosted a strong Killucan side in the park on Saturday afternoon last.Killucanstarted well with three points on the trot, two from frees and one a fine scorefrom play. Our boys were unlucky as they were denied agoal by a Killucan defender after a brilliant block down. A fine score from ShaneLawless after some good play from James Buckley momentarily put Caulry infront. Rory Mullins then got Caulry motoring after 4 minutes with hiswell-worked point. Pointsfrom Malynn cut the deficit by three between the 41st and 46thminutes. However, Killucan responded in style by rattling the back of the Caulrynet on the 17th minute. The oppositionstarted like an express train after the restart, kicking 1-3 without reply. Killucan missed some scoring chances as Caulry capitalised,with Alan Malynn converting two frees to draw level. However, Killucan soon had their lead restored as they goaled for athird time soon after. The Killucan forwards punched holes in the Caulrydefence and added an unanswered 1-1.

We wish Niall Bannon a speedyrecovery. Tang playedShandonagh in the Div2 final in Cusack Park on Friday evening last. JohnTumelty kicked an excellent pt with Adam Neary firing over another for Tang tolead by 8pts. Deep in injury timeShandonagh were awarded a dubious free on the 45m line and to add insult toinjury the free was moved to the 21 m line which Shandonagh kicked to claimvictory. Two mins later Martin Rock fielded a high ball and slid the ball to ShaneCoughlan to shoot into an empty net. Disaster struck then when our Captain andtalisman Niall Bannon was stretchered off after a high dangerous tackle. Tang led 2-3 to 4pts at halftime. Shandonagh started the second half with two quick pts. Shane Coughlanplayed Martin Rock in with a terrific pass and Martin was unlucky to see hisshot drift over the bar. Shandonagh had a dominant spell kicking 3pts before Martin Rockslotted a free after good work by Shane Coughlan. John Rock, KieranDuncan and Robert English were superb in defence with Adam Neary, ShaneCoughlan and Martin Rock to the fore upfront. Tangstarted the match in whirl wind fashion with Adam Neary gathering a ball on thewing and slicing through the Shandonagh defence to blast the ball to the net. Tang wont be happy with the three major decisions going against thembut now must regroup and focus on the upcoming championship. Shandonagh were awarded a hotly disputed penalty whichthey despatched to narrow the lead to a pt after 13mins .Niall Neary and MartinRock added pts but Shandonagh equalised with time just up.

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Athlone kicked the next two points of the game as ourlads struggled to put scores on the board. The Athlone dominance at midfield continued to pay dividendsas they racked up another 1-1 before our lads registered their second score ofthe game, this from the boot of Anthony Allen after a good build of play. Liam Malynn sent ahigh ball in over the Athlone keepers head and into the back of the net soonafter. Michael McMahon was unlucky after arebound from an initial good save rolled into the back of the Caulry net to stretchthe margins between the sides. However, Athlone soon restoredtheir lead as they attacked the next two kickouts and slotted over two morepoints from play. The Athlone goaliethen dealt well with a Caulry threat with Sylvester Coughlan eventually havingto settle for a point. The teamsthen traded frees on the 19th and 21st minutes as Athlonefinished the stronger side, adding five points to lead 2-10 to 0-3 at thehalftime whistle.Allen openedthe second halfs scoring account with another placed ball. A pointsoon after put the visitors four points the good as some more Caulry attemptsfell wide of the target. The Athlone defence diffused the Caulry attacks asthey tagged on another point on the 50th minute. Hugh Allen then got Caulry off the mark with hisconverted-free on the 11th minute. JFC Round 1Caulry 1-5Athlone 4-15Our juniors madea start to their championship campaign on Friday evening last when they hostAthlone in the park.Both sideswere slow to settle and guilty of missing early scoring opportunities beforeAthlone struck for the games opening goal on the 8th minute.

OSullivanshowed greatvision on the 58th minute as he combined with Maguire and riffledthe back of the Milltown net. Nagle again brought off some vital interceptsthroughout the second half as the Caulry defence held strong, with KevinMaguire and Sean Clinton driving out on numerous occasions. Milltown then level the game with another freeon the 34th minute. Emmet Nallys palmed goal then launchedour lads into the lead on the 6th minute after Harry Hughes donewell to win the kickout. However, the Caulry lads didnt make the most of theirperiod of dominance with just two of five chances resulting in scores, one a routinefree from Conor McCormack and the other from the boot of Hughes after a patientbuild-up of play. The Caulry defence worked tirelessly as aMcCormack free edged our noses in front. The tally of wides from both sides grew by fivebetween the 22nd and 26th minutes as two late pointed-freesfor Milltown saw it level-pegging at the break on a scoreline of 1-2 to 0-5.Our lads hitthe ground running as McCormack combined nicely with Andy OSullivan andpointed soon after the restart. The opposition then won the next kickout and punished Caulry with asuperb long-range score. IFC Round 4Caulry 2-6Milltown 0-7Our ladsnotched up their second consecutive win in a rain-soaked Pairc Chiarain on Saturdayevening last when they battled it out against Milltown for Round 4 of this yearsintermediate championship.In difficultconditions, both sides initially struggled with some scoring attempts fallingshort of the targets before Milltown opened the scoring account with a shortfree-conversion on the 3rd minute. Cillian Nagle brought off a number of vital intercepts as thegame continued on a tit for tat basis, with both sides ruing missed chancesbefore Milltown kicked the next point of the game on the 21stminute. Another free from McCormack put two between the sides on the 47thminute as Trojan work from Damien Dolan, Eoin Fox and Neil Clinton helped tokeep the opposition scoreless. The teams struggled to grasp thedifficult conditions as some sloppy played ensued and the sides struggled torack up scores.