Iraklis Thessaloniki (@1.3) vs Aris Thessaloniki (@3.2)

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Iraklis Thessaloniki will win

Iraklis Thessaloniki – Aris Thessaloniki Match Prediction | 06-10-2019 11:15

In Greek mythology, Aris was a deity who was in conflict with Heracles, the mythological character after which Aris's rival football team, Iraklis, was named. Quickly the club became very popular and soon new teams apart from football were established. The club was established as a football club ("Podosferikos Syllogos Aris Thessalonikis") by a group of 22 young friends in a coffee bar in Votsi area on 25 March 1914 and given the name Aris from Ares, the ancient god of war. Aris holds a fierce rivalry with PAOK and Olympiakos. Its nickname was inspired by the two Balkan Wars of 19121913, when Greece fought against the Ottoman Empire before engaging in a war with Bulgaria. The first stadium was built on the site where Mars Field Park currently lies on Stratou Avenue. In the beginning the club was based on a near the Arch and Tomb of Galerius, but after the accession of two minor football clubs in 1919 and 1921 the club's base was moved near to Flemming Street of eastern Thessaloniki.

Aris managed to collect 22 points in this mini tournament, four more than the second, Panathinaikos, scoring large wins like 70 against Panathinaikos, 73 against Iraklis and 30 versus AEK and Olympiacos in Athens, also new star players emerged, Kitsios, Aggelakis, Bogdanos, Gigopoulos, while Belgian manager De Valer guided effectively the club. The second championship came four years later in 1932,[5] only this time his opponents were Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, AEK, Ethnikos, PAOK and Iraklis. On 20 April 1929, the first friendly match took place between Aris and Panathinaikos, the "yellows" to defeat 54.


Aris is one of Greece's most successful club and the biggest one in Thessaloniki, having won the fourth most Super League titles after Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and AEK Athens, while they are tied with PAOK. Aris Football Club (Greek: )[2] is a Greek football club based in the city of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece, part of the multi-sports club A.C. The colours of the club are golden/yellow, a dominant colour in the culture of Macedonia and reminiscent of the Byzantine heritage of Thessaloniki, and black. It is named after Ares, the ancient Olympian "God of War," associated also with courage and masculinity, whose image is portrayed on the club's logo as depicted in the Ludovisi Ares sculpture. Created in 1914 as Aris Thessaloniki Football Club, the club was a founding member of the Macedonian Football Clubs Association, as well as the Hellenic Football Federation. Aris Thessaloniki.

Since the late 1970s, Aris Thessaloniki has created its own training grounds in Neo Rysio (Dasigenio Sports Center), just outside Thessaloniki near the International Airport covering three hectares and including football fields, hosting area with gym, pool and sauna, press room, offices, restaurant and locker rooms.[40] The facilities were rebuilt in September 2010 after a demand placed by manager Hctor Cper.[41] The facilities were renovated again in 2018 and the grass was ultimately changed in 2019.

Aris' main fan club is called Super 3 and has symbol a bulldog. In the rest of Europe there are also some organized Aris' fan clubs in countries such as Germany, Italy and Sweden. According to some polls Aris is the 5th most popular team in Greece with around a million fans, an amount quite big considering the lack of titles for many decades. It exist since 1988 with 50 more Super 3 clubs spread all over Greece and Europe. There are over 12,000 Super 3 members. Aris' fan base is spread across all the economic classes in the city of Thessaloniki and all over Greece.[22] Their rivalry is against clubs such as arch-rival PAOK, but also against the biggest clubs of Athens Olympiacos, Panathinaikos and AEK Athens.[23]Matches against PAOK are local derbies and an event that splits Thessaloniki and Northern Greece in two.

La Liga

While in the Gamma Ethniki, the team demanded that the Hellenic Football Federation allow them to be promoted to a higher level of Greek football. Aris would have to play another year in Gamma Ethniki. The federation declined to do this and several appeals against the decision were rejected. American business man Alex Kalas emerged the first season with him in charge of the football department while they failed to gain promotion to the Football League. After their relegation many were wondering who was going to take care of the team. Due to Aris failing to get into the second division Kalas was sacked despite only being there for a month. In summer 2015 where the next elections for the role of head of football department Kalas won again and promised to put more money into the club. Kalas also made a number of signings, Honduran legend Carlos Costly, Sierra Leone international John Kamara, Spaniard Guillermo Prez Moreno, Portuguese footballer Fbio Ruben Moreira Tavares, defender Paschalis Melissas and defender Stavros Petavrakis.

In recent years, specially after the creation of an Aris Members' Society that controls the club's fortunes, Aris has qualified several times for the UEFA Europa League, finished fourth in the Superleague three times, and has reached in the Greek Cup Final four times, losing in 2003, 2005, 2008 and 2010, when 25,000 Aris fans went to Athens in the biggest ever move of fans in Greece.[8][9][10][11] In 2008 and 2010 Aris made it through to the UEFA Europa League group stage after eliminating Real Zaragoza and Austria Wien respectively during the Cup's play-off rounds. Recent developments include the interest from the club's board to construct a new, modern stadium in eastern Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area to replace the obsolete Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium and the modernization and expansion of the club's training facilities in Neo Rysio, Thessaloniki. Also, in a unique move for Greek standards, the board decided in December 2009 to establish a radio station, Aris FM 92.8[14] in order to promote the communication between Aris fans around the country and the coverage of the clubs activities. During the 201011 UEFA Europa League they managed to play for the first time in club's history in Europe after Christmas, after a very good appearance in the group stage where they won 10[12] at home and 23[13] away and eliminated the title holders Atltico Madrid.

During this early stage of football in Greece no professional league was established. The first official game was held in 1923 against Megas Alexandros Thessaloniki (Alexander the Great), another Thessalonician team. Instead, three minor leagues [in Macedonia (E.P.S.M.), Athens (E.P.S.A.) and Piraeus (E.P.S.P.)] were created, with the champions of each league competing in a postseason mini tournament to claim the title of the national champion. That year marked the first title, when Aris was named regional champion of Macedonia, something that was repeated next year.

List of Amc

Aris has not won a championship since the establishment of the First Division (1959). Aris won their third title in 1946,[6] playing against two teams, AEK from Athens and Olympiacos from Piraeus, champions of the other two minor domestic leagues. Aris beat Olympiacos twice, scoring two goals and conceding none; came to a draw with AEK in Athens and defeated them in PAOK's stadium in Thessaloniki (score 41).

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Also, during the 2000s, a scheme of meander was added to the crest. This emblem was chosen in the late 1970s to replace an older and simpler logo which was used since 1914. A company of young Thessalonians inspired the name of the club by Ares, the ancient Olympian "God of War", after the successful military operations of the Kingdom of Greece during the Balkan Wars, and the liberation of Thessaloniki in 1912 from the Ottoman empire. The emblem of the team is a resting Ares (Greek: ), as depicted in the Ludovisi Ares sculpture.

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The Greek outfit were far from their best in that away tie though and found the back of the net from the penalty spot and not in open play. Aris Thessaloniki FC edged it past their foes AEL Limassol in the previous round with a slender 1-0 victory in the second leg after being held to a frustrating goalless draw at home in the initial game.

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