Kyren Wilson (@1.02) vs Florian Nuessle (@12.0)

Our Prediction:

Kyren Wilson will win

Kyren Wilson – Florian Nuessle Match Prediction | 21-08-2019

Thats why we will be offering them a full refund if they cannot be in Sheffield on that day. With more notice we could have planned for this change long before the tickets went on sale. Tickets for the World Championship final are like gold dust, and no doubt we have many fans who have been lucky enough to get hold of them who now may have their plans scuppered because they have work commitments on the Monday.

After I lost the Northern Ireland Open final two years ago I was upset because I thought it might be my only chance to win a title. Tonight I thought I had an advantage because Mark had never played in a final before. I have improved a lot since then.

LIVEKyren Wilson - Florian NlePaul Hunter Classic - 24 August 2019

Last season wasnt great for him. It may sound ridiculous that he thought that he might never have another opportunity to win when he was only 17. After he lost to Mark Williams, Yan seemed to have lost confidence indeed and his game suffered. Im very happy for Yan.

Running taught me that Ive got guts, determination and that Im happy not to take shortcuts, he says. While running victories may have remained out of reach, moving from maestro to mid-packer taught OSullivan some valuable lessons about himself. If you want to get the most out of yourself as a runner, you dont have to have masses of ability. I honestly think if you run 50 or 60 miles a week, with a few track sessions thrown in, anyone can run a sub-3 marathon or a sub-35 10K.

From memory, the TOTAL money available for the event was 17500 which is really not much at all. Also I noticed than the Paul Hunter Classic is no more listed in the official Worldsnooker Prize Money Schedule. Im not sure what it means status wise that the event is no more on the list. It is still on the calendar though.

Paul Hunter Classic 2019 News

Id look at the winners and think, It would be great to be them. But I knew I could never be that good, because Id never done it seriously as a kid. I knew I was always going to have to be one of these untalented runners who has to work hard to get whatever he can out of it, he says. Dont get me wrong, no matter what I do, I like to be at the front. But with running I knew I wasnt expected to win.

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As he had dropped off the snooker tour Wilson was considered an amateur player and could not enter qualifying for any of the ranking events.

Amateur pre-qualifying[edit]

I just go out and do my own little four-miler at 7:30 min/mile. When Im fit, I always join up with the local running club and go for a five- or seven-mile run, he says. The last three or four years, my running has gone a bit downhill, so I dont meet so many people now because I dont want to slow them down.