Mark King (@1.07) vs Ryan Davies (@8.0)

Our Prediction:

Mark King will win

Mark King – Ryan Davies Match Prediction | 21-08-2019

As much as I wish it was, I just cant do it. Thats not good. That said, while Magny had a great run, I do think both the Larkin and RDA losses have demonstrated that he has peaked, at least for the time being. Maybe he can change some things and get moving upwards again, but that forward momentum has stalled out. Is that enough to pick Condit? Fraser Coffeen: First fight in a year and a half plus hasnt won since May 2015?

Vick failed his first test against a top 15 striker, this will be his chance to prove he is ready for upper echelon on the division. Ryan Davies: Like Eddie said the 63 frame of Vick gives lightweights a very unfamiliar look that causes problems. That being said Duffy is war horse and wont go out easy, he will pick up steam in the later rounds, but not enough to sway the judges. Vick will use his long limbs to maintain the distance on Duffy and utilize his lethal clinch and knees when it comes to close quarters.

Anton Tabuena: Khabib better not play around on the feet here, or his legs and all the following takedown attempts will be compromised. Every round starts standing, and a dangerous and athletic striker like Barboza obviously has a decent chance. Khabib Nurmagomedov by TKO. That being said, I just see Khabib controlling the clinch and eventually landing that takedown, which would lead to Barboza drowning from that insane top game.

If he comes back close to his old form, he should take this, but thats a pretty big if at the moment. But Condit SHOULD be the far superior in almost every technical aspect. Anton Tabuena: Ring rust is real, plus Magny has length and decent wrestling. My heart cant make me pick otherwise, so to me its Carlos Condit by decision.

NOT vs DUR Dream11 Team Prediction & Probable XI : Preview

Phil Mackenzie: Akhmedov is basically welterweight (now middleweight's) Jan Blachowicz. I mostly like what I've seen from Vettori. He's clearly picking up steam in his striking at King's and is, as might have been guessed, turning into a southpaw cross / body kick pressure kickboxer to back up his ground game. He hits a bit harder than you think he does, can fight anywhere and not be technically outclassed, and is reasonably tough... As Ryan said, as long as he keeps sufficient pressure on Akhmedov I think he just wears him out down the stretch. Marvin Vettori by unanimous decision. but is eternally hampered by a leaky gas tank and an inability to gradate his offense.

Then I watched Holms UFC fights and rescinded my statement. So I see this looking a lot like the GDR fight, just with added offense and violence from Cyborg. Fraser Coffeen: I watched all of Cyborgs fights over the past few weeks, and as I watched them I thought to myself Holm can take this. Shes got the counter-striking skills that Jorina Baars used to take out Cyborg in a Muay Thai ring a few years ago, and shes the best striker Cyborg has faced in MMA ever. But shes looked downright bad at times in her fights since. Like my 6th Round Retro mate Eddie, I do have this weird upset feeling in my gut, but Im going with the head this time. At her very peak, like right after the Rousey fight, I would have perhaps picked Holm here. In particular, shes seemed to really struggle to land, throwing combos that are painfully obvious and easy to avoid.

Khabib will need several attempts to get a takedown, but when he gets it, Barboza will be in deep trouble. Mookie Alexander: Real tempted to go for the upset here, but until I see otherwise, I cant pick against Khabib. Hell have a hell of a time dealing with Barbozas kicks, but Edsons struggles dealing with pressure fighters make this a tough matchup for him. Khabib Nurmagomedov by unanimous decision.

Ryan Davies: Glenn recently put a beating on Canadian prospect Gavin Tucker by implementing superior fight IQ and cardio. But Jury is no prospect excited to be participating, the 29 year old has been on the cusp of stardom for the past five years and this fight should prove he is ready for the top ten again. Jury is better everywhere, he will do quite a bit of damage before getting a late stoppage.

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In the end, I think he's just too reliant on his opponent making mistakes, and Nicolau doesn't really make any, or... Matheus Nicolau by unanimous decision. On the plus side, he's effective at initiating his own takedowns, and is an absolute murderer from top position. Smolka has thrived on the flyweight tendency to engage in scrambles, which managed to hide some of the flaws in his game for a bit: namely, he is a dreadful defensive wrestler, and only an OK striker. However, he's conservative to the point of being buttoned up. do much of anything, to be honest. Nicolau is a well-rounded counter striker who likes to zip under fire while countering with an overhand or left hook. Phil Mackenzie: Hmmm.

He hurt Vieira in his last fight by being better at drawing the shorter line between two points with his punches, but he also got hit quite a lot. Phil Mackenzie: Zahabi feels like a fighter who is incredibly well-coached but is already visibly bumping up against the limits of his athleticism, which don't appear to be very high. Ramos is bigger, and the less technical but the more impactful striker, and is an aggressive, powerful grappler.