Memphis 901 FC (@3.8) vs Pittsburgh Riverhounds (@1.95)

Our Prediction:

Pittsburgh Riverhounds will win

Memphis 901 FC – Pittsburgh Riverhounds Match Prediction | 25-09-2019 20:00

Hey, the Hounds are back! Also, hey Im back! Its been a few weeks since I did a preview or an article for PSN. In my other soccer writing life, you may know, I write about the Colorado Rapids for the Denver Post, and well, if soccer writing was hospital triage, the Riverhounds are a guy with a sprained ankle and a broken finger while the Colorado Rapids are a dude that rolls in the front door on a gurney with an ax sticking out his head and a live piranha gnawing on his foot screaming OH MY GOD IS THIS AS BAD AS IT LOOKS? while all the other doctors are like Yes.

Watch for this against the Hounds, who often play a 3-5-2 attack with center mids that can really muck up the midfield. Its fun to watch, although as their goals-for record indicates, a lot of teams have stymied them. After moving the ball up the pitch into the opponents half, the team will either play wide to inside, wide to inside combos looking to shift the defenders and create spaces to thread through new passes, or will bring in one of their better-attacking pieces like Adam Najemto dribble in or create 1-2 combos. A major flaw of the 4-4-2 formation in the modern game is its big tradeoff: the formation creates lots of width by putting lots of options wide. Conversely, youve only got two midfielders centrally. That means that a defense that makes use of three central midfielders has superiority to defend centrally in the most dangerous spots on the field. The Memphis attack is steady, meant to retain possession, and capitalizes on the teams width in order to create chances.

I think weve made a lot of progress in our buildup, how we want to get into the attacking third, and now our focus becomes because were guilty of the final ball not being good enough missing the targets on shots that should be buried," Lilley said. "Every team has the ability to some extent to get in goal scoring positions. Theres not a lot of teams that have ruthless efficiency.

FINAL: Riverhounds SC 1, Indy Eleven 0

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Muckette can also play wide. Memphis play a pretty straightforward 4-4-2 formation, with Elliot Collier and Jochen Graf at striker, or sometimes Duane Muckette instead. Collier is certainly dangerous at times, both coming out of midfield on a run and in getting into prime poaching locations, as he did in Memphis last USL match in the 70th minute when he scored the game winner.

Memphis is famous for barbecue, Elvis Presley, some ducks that swim in a hotel fountain, and being the 43rd largest metropolitan area in the United States. It is also in the Central time zone, which is why the game starts at 8pm EST tonight, in case you were confused. The Pittsburgh Riverhounds are taking on their second USL expansion team of the year with this game against Memphis 901 FC.

He can hit a ball with atomic force and devastating swerve. Do not sleep on Marc Burch. Burch is a natural left back who has been moved inside to centerback for Memphis. Hes also probably the leagues only centerback who takes free kicks for his team. Memphis are captained by former MLS journeyman and man-bun aficionado Marc Burch. He may be 35 years old, but he plays like a man in his 20s. His distribution out of the back is impeccable, and he can hammer a 40-yard pass to a breaking winger with deadly accuracy.

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They got into a brouhaha with away fans over an Antifa symbol on a rainbow flag. The Rapids have tied the record for the longest winless streak to open a season in MLS history a record they are likely to break tomorrow when they face the LA Galaxy on the road. Like I said, its been an interesting piranhas-and-axes-filled three weeks. They fired their coach. Meanwhile the Hounds have had three draws in a row, a bye week, and a US Open Cup win, which is interesting, but not sack your coach, the team is on fire interesting.

Najem is a saucy attacker who loves a good roulette or backheel, and to be honest, those kinds of Eden Hazard/Lionel Messi mids are my favorite thing to watch. Of course, its a little terrifying when theyre doing it against your team. Najem is a native of New Jersey but plays for the Afghan National team. That said, two of Memphis midfielders are very good. I highly recommend a fantastic interview he did with Extratime Radios Bobby Warshaw about his experience playing for Afghanistan this past Fall. Center mid Cam Lindley is on-loan from MLS Orlando City, while sometimes central, sometimes wide midfielder Adam Najem was property of the Philadelphia Union and Bethlehem Steel until this year.

We're willing to put in the work, and we've been working all week. "When we compare it to last year, where we were at this stage, it's night and day. "We're letting up way too many goals, and worse than that, we're letting up more chances than we'd like," Kerr said this week at Highmark Stadium.