Western Kentucky (@4.1) vs Louisville (@1.22)

Our Prediction:

Louisville will win

Western Kentucky – Louisville Match Prediction | 14-09-2019 16:00

The offensive line for the Toppers played very well against Wisconsin but was the biggest weak point for the offense against Maine. This offensive line doesnt have great size but it fits what they want to do with stretch runs and screen throws. Maine was able to get to Eckels six times and forced a fumble that they returned for a touchdown. They can get out and block in space and they might see some success with that against an aggressive Louisville defense. How that happens is beyond me but the numbers and the video dont lie. They also held shut down the WKU running game which you just dont typically see from an FCS team. I also wouldnt be surprised to see them try to help the line by working in a good amount of short passes to the running backs and their very talented tight end, MikQuan Deane.

He is a tall quarterback that fits the mold of a pocket passer but he runs the ball just well enough that they incorporate some read option aspects to the offense. Eckels does a really good job reading the defense and he has enough speed to make a defense pay a little bit if they dont account for him. Drew Eckels won the starting quarterback job this season after sitting for four years waiting his turn.

Playing at Rupp Arena helps. But Adel is a long and rude defender, and hes more likely to give Knox trouble on defense than vice versa when Louisville plays man-to-man. That said, Knox has a higher ceiling in general at 6-foot-9 with plus athleticism and a smooth stroke, hes the prototypical forward in todays game. This Kentucky team doesnt have the caliber of blue-chipper Wildcat fans are accustomed to, but Knox is the closest thing theyve got. Hes a good player right now; hes an awesome player in theory.

Western Kentucky 28, Florida Atlantic 24 (Nov. 2)

But you cant mourn for too long. The mood after the (Maine) game we were kinda embarrassed that we lost to a team that we were, obviously, much better than. You got 24 hours to mourn about the loss, so we kinda upbeat now.

They have given up a total of 730 yards on D, which is 68th in the nation. They have had 16 penalties for 156 yards on defense this year. The Louisville Cardinals rush defense has given up 92 attempts for 396 yards this season, putting them in 101st place in the country against the run. The Louisville Cardinals pass defense has also surrendered a total of 334 yards in the air, which is 38th overall in total pass defense. The Cardinals are 78th in yards per play allowed with 5.6. That places them 109th in Division 1. Louisville is 95th in college football in points surrendered on defense with 58. Opponent offenses have completed 20 throws on 38 attempts against the Louisville defense this season, ranking them 11th and 12th in the country.

Maximize their possessions with defensive rebounding and limiting turnovers, and the offense will take off. Kentucky has shot better lately it takes very few 3s, but the Wildcats are making 36 percent of them, a reasonable clip. Hes raw, but has a chance to become a difference-maker by March. Knox and Hamidou Diallo form one of the best wing duos in the country; Diallo is improving rapidly.

Western will come to Louisville hoping to find a way to get to the quarterback like they did against Wisconsin. A slight bright spot in that game was the defense who got a pick six and played pretty well outside of a handful of plays. Western Kentucky has struggled since Jeff Brohm left for Purdue and that was evident when they fell to Maine last week after being up 21 points. Unfortunately, those handful of plays all went for touchdowns.

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Maine went on to outscore WKU 31-7 through the last three quarters and the Toppers have more questions than answers headed into their second game against a power five school. Western Kentucky had to feel pretty good about their team after the first quarter of their game against Maine last weekend. Then the rest of the game happened. They were up 21-0 after having a solid game against a very good Wisconsin team the week before.

Ben Holtis a captain of the defense and really makes a lot of plays at his middle linebacker spot. Both will be guys to keep an eye on when it comes to UofLs tight ends and running backs in the passing game. WKU runs a 4-2-5 set almost exclusively and they are very solid at the linebacker spot. Holt is a very good linebacker against the run but he leaves a lot to be desired in coverage. His battery mate, Masai Whyte, is more of a player that gets to play in space and make plays with his speed. Holt is the son of former defensive coordinator Nick Holt and he stuck around after Holt followed Jeff Brohm to Purdue.