Yair Rodriguez (@1.9) vs Jeremy Stephens (@1.83)

Our Prediction:

Jeremy Stephens will win

Yair Rodriguez – Jeremy Stephens Match Prediction | 18-10-2019 21:00

Yair, you think Im faking it, brother. Lets run it back, mother(expletive). Ill be ready. Youre the one that poked me in the eye, Stephens said. Lets run it back, four or five weeks, two weeks, whatever. Youre the one who poked me. Just a deep scratch or a deep bruise.

Zane Simon: Craig is the more fluid striker, but Im not sure how much that really matters, given his willingness to clinch, pull guard, or just get taken down. Moreira hasnt had the chance to show it in the UFC, but I get the feeling hes just the much more controlled, polished grappler on the floor. As long as this doesnt stay a kickboxing match, Vinicius Moreira by submission, round 2.

UFC Mexico City Staff Predictions

Sergio Pettis by unanimous decision. What does that mean on the prelims of a UFC Mexico card in the year of our lord 2019? Anyways, Lil Pettis should be too careful and controlled, but Nam is nothing if not unpredictably violent. Is that a power boost or a reduction? Phil Mackenzie: Tysonbergs Uncertainty Principle indicates that the less people are watching a Nam, the more likely he is to swing an insane upset.

Stephens is just that kind of guy, and hes got farm strength and good cardio to back it up. I think a lot of people are getting drawn into the razzle dazzle of a more exciting fighter with an unorthodox approach, and itll be a disappointment for many. Its just that its hard to trust him against a guy that can continue to move forward and pressure him enough to keep him on his back foot without falling for the okey-doke spinny assault. Jeremy Stephens by decision. Hes good. Very good, in fact. Victor Rodriguez: As much fun as Yair is, he was getting boxed up by Korean Zombie for the majority of that fight and ran out of answers quick against Frankie Edgar.

Askar Askarov by unanimous decision. His more recent performances exposed the lack of a functional depth to his game, and his big-ticket wins of Smolka and Ortiz have looked increasingly just like capitalizing on brief moments of success in non-replicable ways. Phil Mackenzie: Man, remember when Moreno was a modestly touted prospect who might challenge for a belt one day? It is notable that grappling hasnt really been the way to beat Moreno, as Pettis / Pantoja etc just outworked him at range, but unless Moreno punts Askarov upside the head or Askarov dives into a guillotine, it looks like Askar can just finish what Ortiz started.

Frankie Edgar: Remember the Name

Shell have to climb the ladder from the bottom up again, and that cant be good for her confidence. Wall: It is just about as bad as it gets for Grasso. Shes going up against a veteran wrestler, and this looks to be a one-sided fight. The UFC matchmakers are not doing the Mexican up-and-comer any favors with this fight.

Askarovs arrival in the UFC is the best news the flyweight division has had in quite some time. Petela: Askarov is clearly the name to watch from this crop of newcomers. He absolutely has a top-notch submission game, but he is also one of the few flyweights with fight-ending power in his hands, whether it be via ground-and-pound or while standing.

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Pettiss coach, Duke Roufus, cited the difficulty in making the flyweight limit as the reason for the move up, so dont be surprised if Pettis is slightly less than 100 percent going into this contest. A difficult weight cut combined with a new opponent adds up to an upset. The younger Pettis brother is returning to flyweight after briefly moving back up to bantamweight, where he clearly looked undersized in his loss to Rob Font. Nam stepped up on less than a months notice to replace an injured Alex Perez.

That alone is probably enough to see him get the win here. Zane Simon: Kind of a mirror match. But, hes also not a terrible combination kickboxer. But, his striking and wrestling are both so lacking in nuance that a lot of his aggression seems to be totally wasted. Bravo wrestles more than he should, and isnt necessarily physical enough to win tie-ups the way he wants to. Martin Bravo by decision. Both fighters love to stay aggressive and push as fast a pace as possible. Part of me thinks that Peterson is more capable of maintaining that pace.

Sijara Eubanks by unanimous decision. That being said, like Zane mentioned, her inability to put serious offense on her opponents, combined with being mediocre in almost any other physical aspect, means that she can drop rounds or entire fights in a single offensive burst. Armbarred at the last minute by Irene Aldana in a fight she was winning. Robbed against Pennington. Phil Mackenzie: Gather round and hark to the tragedy of Bethe Correia. Bum rushed by Rousey. She was owning up on Holly Holm before Holm accidentally head kicked her. She was destroying Marion Reneau before Reneau also accidentally head kicked her. In all seriousness, I do think that over her time in the UFC shes become a reasonably functional pocket boxer, and shes become at least able to compete on a pure strength perspective with decently strong fighters like Pennington.